Title: Chandelier [Piano Version]
Artist: Sia
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Chandelier (Piano Version) | Sia

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dumb boys in cute sweaters ♥ andrew keenan-bolger

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zodiac bitches


aries: angry bitch
taurus: hungry bitch
gemini: loud bitch
cancer: weird bitch
leo: bITCH
virgo: quiet bitch
libra: indecisive bitch
scorpio: bitchy bitch
sagittarius: funny bitch
capricorn: ambitious bitch
aquarius: crazy bitch
pisces: sensitive bitch

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why am I friends with people I don’t like

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cute story time: my one friend is dating a boy who is blind and they go for walks everyday and as they walk she describes everything to him and he always says that “she makes everything sound so beautiful, except herself, but one day I’m determined to make her describe herself in the same beautiful way she describes the earth” I’m so


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inspired by everyone

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When they say there’s a way through this.

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Anonymous asked: Just stopping by to say that you're my favorite blog and you deserve so much love. okay bye :3 x

i always feel “thank you” is not enough, but i honestly have no idea what to say. so thank you! you’re such a sweet human being!

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